Smoked Turkey Leg

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A special blend of herbs, twelve hours slow smoked, and falling off the bone.

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6 reviews for Smoked Turkey Leg

  1. Darlene C Starks

    The best turkey legs you have ever had, the sauce, orgasmic goodness, have your eyes rolling in the back of your head. The sides are an extra bonus. Y’all need to get an order and judge for yourselves.

  2. Sabrina Barge


  3. Chiquita White

    One bite and you’ll definitely be back for another one! They done sprinkled some joy juice on them legs! You definitely doing the happy dance and humming while you’re chewing! I highly recommend and definitely promote for them!

  4. The Wright Family

    Man this is the food that feeds your body and soul. Had the turkey, rice and baked potato. Took me 3 days to eat it all. Can’t wait till my next order. If you want to experience some tender, juicy and addictive meat you better Get Some

  5. Irene C.

    This 1st time ordering. Everyone had been bragging about them. Finally broke down and ordered. Got a turkey leg, collards, corn bread and mac & cheese. Talked about what I had ordered and my co-worker ordered the turkey leg with rice.
    Delivery was right on time and everything was delicious. I couldn’t keep my eyes open after eating.

  6. Shaphonda Bronner

    This is my second time ordering, this time I got the stuffed turkey leg w/ Mac & cheese 🤤😋🥰. 10 outta 10 Recommend 😋

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