Snack Time, LLC

The Incredible Turkey Legs


A Love Built in Heaven

In 2023 Pierre and Gail Snodgrass introduced St. Louis, Missouri to their brand of perfectly seasoned turkey legs. It all started when Gail went on the hunt for a turkey leg that would satisfy her cravings. When she found none, she turned to her husband who always wanted to see his soulmate happy. Pierre had been in the cooking industry most of his life and knew his way around a smoker. With a smirk and cracking of knuckles, Pierre set to work. With a special blend of herbs, twelve hours slow smoked, he created turkey legs that fell off the bone.

Gail was in love. She took some to lunch one day, she works in the nursing field, and after one taste her co-workers wanted more. A business was born – Snack Time; Featuring The Incredible Turkey Legs. Gail had as many turkey legs as she wanted and Pierre had the pleasure of watching people enjoy his food.

Are you intrigued? You can find them at events around St. Louis or call/text (314) 307 – 7639.